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Put the romance back into your life with this collection of Movie Love Quotes. Home; Movie Quotes. A. from the classics to the famous and the newest romantic movies.Famous Love Quotes From Movies - See more about Famous Love Quotes From Movies, famous love lines from movies, famous love lines from movies tagalog, famous love.Some of the most popular books, TV shows and movies focus on the law and the work of lawyers. We look at the top memorable legal quotes in film history.

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Most of us, learn love from movies. We like famous dialogues which impress heroins when said by hero. These romantic wordings and quotes are not limited to Hollywood.Quiz: Movie Love Quotes Some movie lines melt our hearts. Others make them flutter with excitement. Can you match the famous movie quote to the classic film it's from?.

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Take a look at these famous movie quotes and compare to your own favorite list of movie quotes.

Toggle navigation. Sign In; Movies Top Rated Movies Top Rated Indian Movies Most Popular Movies.The Very Best Famous Movie Quotes of All Time (With Gifs!) We rounded up some of the funniest movie quotes from the best movies over the past 30 years.The 100 best movie quotes of all-time as chosen by Hollywood. the ten most popular quotes favour older movies,. ten favourite movie quotes.The 15 Most Important Disney Quotes, According to You. For a movie about a rat, Ratatouille is really poignant. Did your favorite Disney quote make it onto the list?.

Movies 50 of the Funniest Movie Quotes Ever. Here are some of the funniest quotes from 50 of our favorite comedies — in meme form,.Popular Posts; Full Bio; I'm the. In the spirit of self motivation, here are my top 100 inspirational quotes. Best Business Quotes From Movies. 1.

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I’m a believer that, at the end of the day, we all love horror for the same basic reason: the potential for fear intrigues us. The human mind thrives on stimulation.80 different Movie Quote Quizzes on Check out our popular trivia games like Random Movie Quotes Quiz #3, and Mean Girls Quotes.These movie quotes are so awesome that we think that everyone should live by them.

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Watching movies is one of people's favorite pastimes. These motion pictures provide viewers an escape from reality and bring them to feel a spectrum of emotions.10 Memorable Movie Quotes from Casablanca. It is still one of the most popular films of all time,. Best Movie Quotes from "The Notebook".

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Part of The American Film Institute (AFI 100 Years. series), AFI's 100 Years. 100 Movie Quotes is a list of the top 100 movie quotations in American cinema.Articles related to "33 of the Most Famous, Romantic Movie Quotes.": Pride and Prejudice; 9 of the Most Romantic Movies. 13 Most Romantic 😍 Movie Quotes.Behold, Liam Neeson's 15 Best Movie Quotes Ever Don't screw with this man. Or his family.

Tone Loc famous quotations and many other quotes wrote by Tone Loc.10 Most Beloved Quotes From ‘ET the Extra-Terrestrial’ (Photos) As hit movie turns 35, TheWrap collects its most classic lines.

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Then you'll enjoy our Top 10 Lists of Favorite Movie Quotes. There are tons of fantastic quotes from movies, so many that you won't be able to choose a favorite.

We decided to put together a list of some of the most iconic love quotes of all time from books, movies, and celebrities. Be still your hearts, friends!.Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the LOC: Kargil movie on

What are the most famous dog quotes? Here are more than four dozen memorable utterances about man's best friend made by various. 50 Famous Quotes About Dogs.

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These memorable quotes from the Harry Potter movies teach valuable life lessons. True Potter fans will enjoy these….

Here's our pick for the 15 best movie quotes of 2012. Here's our pick for the 15 best movie quotes of 2012. 7 Popular Video Games That Aren't Actually That Great.25 Best Pixar Movie Quotes. 25 Best Pixar Movie Quotes. Universal Studios. Tues., Jan. 23: Mario, Tanika & Renee. Popular Categories. Baby News; Beauty by the Numbers.Find the best Tone-Loc quotes, sayings and quotations on

Most Popular Movies; CHARTS & TRENDS. Box Office;. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004 Video Game). Jeffrey 'OG Loc' Cross: [shouts] ARE YOU.

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The following table lists the top 100 movie quotes in 100 years of film, according to the American Film Institute, including movies such as Gone With the Wind and.Kids say the darnedest things -- especially when it comes to memorable movie quotes. We wanted to take a look back through the decades at some of the most hilarious.